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Castellavazzo stone's

Our quarry has a secular history, enriched by the peculiar feature of beeing situated at the bottom of one of the most beautiful italian heritages: the Dolomites. From the quarry we extract three different types of marble, each characterized by a unique colour: Veined brown, Grey-pink and Grey.

It seems that in Castellavazzo this stone was extracted already in Roman time. The stone of Castellavazzo presents two colours: gray and red. The gray color is due to the presence of clay and graphite and is quarried in the surface, while the particular red colour is given by the presence of hematite and it lies deeper. It is the most prestigious stone in the area of Belluno for its aesthetic and hardness characteristics and one of the quarries is still active: the Marsor quarry, in the hamlet of Olantreghe, near Castellavazzo and other sites of extraction.Throughout the province of Belluno and further down, carried on rafts, we have been using it for centuries as a noble stone for the most beautiful and representative architectural parts for whether indoor or outdoor use as it resists to thermal swings.

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Our marble can be employed in different ways, with the possibility to be collocated whether indoors or outdoors of a building, exposed to bad weather.


It can be worked with polishing and sparkle process. Finally, all our material is certified in accordance with European Parliament's Regulation 305/2011 / EU.


The finds testify that the mining activity was present in the area since Roman times. Little used in the Middle Ages, it was remarkably re-evaluated since the Renaissance and especially between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when it was used in all the most important public, ecclesiastical and private works, to make statues and capitals, stairs, window sills, masks, drinking taps, fountains, flooring and coatings. Even at the beginning of the twentieth century there were about a dozen cutting stone quarries, but the crises that followed the two world conflicts and modern building methodologies have reduced the quarry activity, so the only active site is currently the one of Marsor.

from the past to today

Besides being used for private houses and hotels, indoors and outdoors, for furnishing and swimming pools, the current use of the Castellavazzo stone also involves the restoration of historic centers, such as the renovation of Andrea Brustolon’s house, the pavement of sidewalks of Via Garibaldi, Via San Lucano and Piazza Duomo in Belluno and the new square of Castellavazzo with the fountain whose basement has been recently restored.


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Nel mondo non ci sono mai state due opinioni uguali. Non più di quanto ci siano mai stati due capelli o due grani identici: la qualità più universale è la diversità.


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